About Peter Verest

Studio P, for interior- architecture- and landscape photography.

After primary school, I chose a graphical education. My favorite part of this education was sketching. Following my graphical education I went on to study architectural engineering and developed a broad interest in building. After so many years, this interest is still as high as at the start, and I combine this with an interest in photography. During my time in the army, stationed in Germany, I bought my first SLR camera, a Minolta X700. I took beautiful pictures with that camera. Many years ago, I switched from analog to digital, had different camera's, and learned a lot. Photography made me more aware of the world around me, and especially architecture.

That is how studio P emerged from my passion for architectural engineering and photography.

What to expect when you hire me as an architectural photographer?

In consultation with the contractor, I discuss which images are required to tell the story that fits the design. Often, it is a combination of overview photo's and detail shots. I use the best material available. All pictures are carefully post-processed, so that the color rendering,  the use of light and the overall image quality are sublime to portray the right atmosphere for the images. I use a fixed daily rate without any surprises afterwards (also for parts of a day, the quotes are custom made, tailored to your needs). There will also be no surprises regarding legal rights: You can use the photographs as you see fit.